How Custom Bumper Stickers Can Promote Your Business

You want your small business to never reach this point look at this. You like the amount of business you have been getting and that many people are sticking with your small business instead of switching to a larger chain. In the beginning, your ads were in the local newspapers and on television and radio. You’d prefer to continue advertising but you can save so much money by not doing it. You could still advertise, but there aren’t many options. Once you have done TV, radio, or print, there is not much else to do.

Have you seen bumper stickers before? You certainly have! Custom bumper stickers can be seen all over the highway. On the windows and backs of automobiles, they are a common sight. These sticky treats could be the answer to your new business problem! Small business advertising is gaining popularity, and you should take advantage. They’re less expensive than traditional forms of advertising and last much longer.

Add up all the money you spent in advertising. It isn’t cheap! It’s expensive. A radio advertisement costs a lot, too. And newspaper ads are constantly re-purchased in order to keep them in future issues. Custom bumper stickers, however, cost mere cents per sticker! Bulk purchase allows you to save money. Aren’t the savings ridiculous? Custom bumpersticks also last longer than most other forms. It is surprising that a bumper sticker can last as long as a newspaper. Newspapers are recycled and then printed again. Bumpersticks, however stay exactly where they were meant to – right on bumpers of people! When produced with the “flexographic” printing process, bumper stickers last even longer. Even though you see the same commercials over and over again you are missing a big audience.

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