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Find Massage Therapy Programs in the United States of America and Canada. Massage therapy is one of many career options offered by healing arts schools long term effects of mushrooms.

Programs in Massage Therapy – Healing Arts Today Articles Massage therapists can earn more than $30 an hour with the proper education, training and experience. The right massage therapy programs can provide this rewarding opportunity to those who are interested in a career in bodywork.

The standard training program for massage therapy is between 300-500 hours. Some massage courses can exceed the time limit. The typical subject matter includes education in anatomy and pathology, physiology and massage theory. It also involves communication skills, CPR, first aid and kinesiology. Massage techniques and modalities can vary depending on which program you enroll in. Modalities that are commonly taught include Swedish massage, deep tissue therapy and sports massage.

The more advanced massage therapy programs include training in many different bodywork techniques, including acupressure and Chinese medical massage. They also cover geriatric and infant massages, geriatric massages, craniosacral therapies, Trigger Points, esalen, Lomi Lomi and chair/seated massages.

Many massage therapy programs offer clinical experience on real clients, under the supervision of an instructor. Upon completion of the required coursework, students receive a diploma or certificate of completion. In some cases, they may also be eligible to take the National Certification Exam through the NCTMB. National certification in massage is only available to students who have completed at least 500 hours of training in one of the accredited massage therapy programs.

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