Top Tips For Residential Outdoor Lighting

Most people recognize the importance and beauty of outdoor lighting. Lighting the outside of your home is a different task than lighting it with commercial or indoor lighting. Consider these things before you purchase such lighting for your home. In managing electricity infrastructure, all needs must be wise and with quality products. Then MGM Transformers can help to supply varying secondary voltages to externally connected loads. You can find quality electrical and lighting products at the MGM Transformer Company.


There are two possible ways you can plan to install residential lighting. Some say you need to finish all the work before planning for lights. Others advise that you plan the location of your outdoor lights well before your landscapes or outdoor structures are finished. Either way will work and it depends on what your preference is.

Before you start planning for garden lighting, make sure to thoroughly assess the property. Check for paths, dark areas and steps. You could also search for decorative items you would like highlighted.

Keep Changes to an Minimum

You wouldn’t wish to redo an old outdoor or landscaping job just to add garden lighting. Plan your landscaping and the potential locations of your lighting fixtures before you start on your project.

Use Variety

Be creative. Do not limit yourself to one set. Think about using a variety outdoor lighting fixtures. Paths and driveways can be illuminated with lamp posts, while landscapes, shrubs or focal objects can get illuminated using spotlights. Backlights, uplights or spotlights can also be used. You have many options when it comes to residential outdoor lighting.

Ask an Expert

If you’re not confident installing the lighting yourself then it might be worth speaking with an expert. You should be cautious, though. Many people claim to have a good knowledge of residential outdoor lighting. However, they rely on catalogs to learn the basics. You want an installer who is well-respected and has been installing residential outdoor lights for a long time.

Check out Building Codes

Before you run a single wire, verify that your installation and building codes are in place. This isn’t about complying with rules. It’s about protecting your family from any faulty wiring.

Maintain electrical safety

Your safety is the number one priority. You must make sure that safety is not compromised, even though quality control is often used to determine product characteristics. Separate electrical split receptacles are a better option than extension cords. Ground fault circuit interrupters can be placed near water sources or in wet areas. Both precautions will help to prevent electrocution.