Gold IRA Accounts Offer Many Benefits

Open a Gold IRA

Typically, four types of precious metals can be purchased as investments: platinum, gold or palladium. With a silver spot price around $20 per ounce, wealthy investors will have to spend several hundred pounds if they want to hit their goal of 20%. Read more now on IRA gold accounts.

It is not practical to keep that much of it. Although silver prices are stable, the cost would be a substantial amount from an investor’s retirement funds. It is much more valuable than silver. However, its price can fluctuate wildly. In a single week it has dropped by over $25. Although platinum is more valuable than gold, it has a less stable price and can sometimes fall below the price of gold.

It is most beneficial to invest in gold IRAs. It is vital for investors to know the many advantages of a gold IRA.

Easy, Safe and Quick Tax Relief

Congress passed a taxpayer relief act allowing four precious metallics to be included in an IRA. A precious metals IRA has the same features as a traditional self-directed IRA. However, it allows you to invest in palladium and silver. Gold is not allowed to be invested in precious metals IRAs. Therefore, it is crucial that you know which gold types are permitted. The precious metals IRA allows gold bars of 24 Karat and Gold Bullion. These bars need an authentication stamp from the New York Mercantile Exchange or Commodity Exchange Incorporation.


IRS has also allowed certain 24- and 22-karat gold coins to go into IRAs. American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Australian Philharmonic gold coins are most common to be included in a precious metals IRA. Storage fees will also apply if the gold is not stored in a depository approved by IRS. As with any self-directed IRA, the gold IRA also requires a custodian. These can include a brokerage, bank, or other financial institution. You will be charged a fee by the custodian, so you should shop around for prices and compare service providers.

Protecting against Inflation

Thousands of people in 2008 lost everything they’d saved up for their lifetime because most or all of their money was invested on paper. The people who lost their life savings in 2008 had all or most of the money invested in paper. The assets listed above are not gold-backed and subject to inflation.

Gold was the only precious metal that actually appreciated in price after the economic crisis of 2008. Gold has literally become the standard of value and former impoverished nations such as China, India and South Africa are purchasing every ounce they can.