The Guide to Selecting a Storage Facility


Before making any decisions, you should consider a few important factors. There are thousands of storage facilities businesses in the United States. It’s important to remember that a single-size-fits all business is not the best option.

Storage versus conventional warehouses – Self Storage vs.

The first thing you need to decide when looking for storage is if you want to opt for traditional warehousing. This option is for large businesses that need thousands of feet of storage space.

Self-storage facilities are a good option if you have fewer needs and don’t require such large spaces. They are smarter and smaller cousins to the massive warehouses. These businesses are much more compact, which offers many advantages to anyone who does not want to rent an industrial storage facility.

The security of a facility is paramount. The client gets a unit with its own lockable door that can only be opened by the person who has the items inside. It means no one can access your items while you are away, as opposed to large warehouses that regularly rearrange boxes and crates. There are also mini-storage units available that can be used for a space the same size as a wardrobe. There is also the added benefit of privacy. No one can see over your shoulder and what you are doing. It’s also much easier to store or retrieve items with the 24/7 access, which eliminates waiting in queues.

Important Factors:

Before you choose a storage facility, it is important to consider some key factors. Here are a few of the most important points to consider:

You need to protect your valuables. Security guards, patrolling and video surveillance are all possible features. Check out how safe your provider’s facility is.
* Conditions of storage: If you store items that are not regularly checked and used, they can be damaged by heat and humidity. Check to see if your unit is rubber sealed. Check that there are no holes in the unit. Consider a unit that controls the temperature.
Some businesses do not offer 24/7 accessibility. Before signing up, check to see if this feature is included. Check if you can park your car at your unit.
Moving can be a real pain. Find a company that provides moving storage if you need a temporary place to store your belongings while moving.

Please remember that these are just general guidelines. Only you know your preferences so make sure to evaluate every storage unit accordingly. Some large companies also offer professional consultants to help you decide the right storage facility for your needs.