The Tower of London, London’s most famous landmark.

The walls are creaking and groaning with age. Maybe a couple of ghosts can be seen walking along the Raleigh’s Walk, or even on their ramparts. Traitor’s Gate – the entrance through the Thames River – is a place where many prisoners have seen the walls for the first time. You can see Tower of London Tour for more information.

William the Conqueror commanded the construction of the Tower of London. Take a look at the Tower of London grounds. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

Beginner’s guide The Yeoman’s Warder is a great tour. It comes with the admission fee, although a small tip afterwards would be appreciated. This Tower guards knows all about the Tower, including all of its haunting tales. Many of the guards and their family members have lived in the tower for years.

The White Tower or Keep dominates other nearby structures. Henry VIII’s impressive armor collection is on display, along with his horse. The 11th century Chapel of St John the Evangelist was where Lady Jane Grey knelt in prayer before being brought to the chopping-block due to a succession battle. She was locked up in Beauchamp Tower.

Tower Green contains the cutting block on which many royals died. Anne Boleyn, the second spouse of Henry VIII who was in early 30s, Catherine Howard who was Henry VIII’s fifth and youngest wife who was barely 20 years old, and Lady Jane Grey who was sixteen were all among these unfortunates. Anne Boleyn died with a single fatal stroke, thanks to a master swordsman from France who was brought specifically for this event.

It’s easy to be tempted when you walk past the Jewel House that houses the Crown Jewels. Don’t do it! It will get you locked up, maybe in the Tower. Continue to move. Keep moving.

In the Bloody Tower, the murder of the little Princes took place and Sir Walter Raleigh is kept. Raleigh was allowed pace around the tower walls while his friends greeted him below on the Thames. Raleigh’s Walk, a familiar name for this area of the Tower.

Anne Boleyn, buried in the crypt of St. Peter ad Vincula Chapel Royal is buried under the stone floor that you are walking on. One of the Yeoman Guarders told me, after I had visited the chapel: “Only Queens go there, governor” Oh, well, that’s life. The English reply he gave me was perfect.