Blog Post Inspiration: Ten Ideas You Can Write About

Are you ready to blog, but aren’t sure of what topic to choose? It’s a common problem. We’ve all been there. Here are 10 great ideas for your next awesome blog post. Visit before reading this.

1. Yourself. You can share what you’re doing in business or life. Or, you can have someone else interview you.

2. Your source of inspiration What made you want to start blogging? You may have shared this information with your audience. Let them know what motivates you. It will make them more interested in your work. If you want to inspire others, share with them a quote from a movie or YouTube.

3. Your favorite blog posts. Is your blog old? What are five of your favorite blog articles, or what is the most popular post on your blog. Write a post summarizing your top five favorite blog posts. Then, if there is not enough content to complete this task yet, you can review and summarise 5 of your most favorite posts. The best way to do this is by selecting a main theme and highlighting posts about that theme.

4. Do a step-by-step post. Which task are you able to help with? Post each step to complete the task. It may be worth considering including images with the steps or making a quick video.

5. Make a resources list. List your 5-10 favorite (fill-in the blank) resources. People love resource lists!

6. You can share how you resolved a specific problem. Have you recently had a problem that you can describe? What is the solution to a problem you recently faced? Let your readers know about it.

7. Current events. It’s never boring to read the latest news and write your opinions. Try Stuff to Twitter or visit your favourite news site to discover something.

Write a review of a film or book. What did you read lately? Do you have anything your blog’s audience would be interested in or like to know about? A movie review might be interesting.

9. Select a friend. Do you have a pal who blogs online, or makes money selling something? Include them as a guest on your blog. It’s possible that they may do you the same favor by sending more traffic your way.

10. Share some of your favorites. List the top three blogs you read most often and include a link for each, as well as why you love them.